Hubble Telescope picture of the Carina nebula.
Carina - Announcements

May, 2017

Clint Caudle promoted to President of Carina

April, 2017

Nashville, TN - Carina presents at the 35th annual PLMA Spring Conference

March, 2017

NCEMC and Carina continue to work together

November, 2016

Delray Beach, FL - Carina presents at the 34th Annual PLMA Fall Conference

September, 2016

Carina joins the USNAP Alliance

August, 2016

Myrtle Beach, SC - Carina attends NCEMC annual conference

July, 2016

Carina launches website redesign

Carina joins PLMA

Minneapolis, MN - Carina joins the Community Storage Initiative and attends inaugural leadership forum

June, 2016

NCEMC and Carina launch a pilot

Carina adds 2 new employees

Carina launches its intern program

May, 2016

BTES continues to install the Carina CPMDs and WISE™ units on their system

January, 2016

Carina partners with Colley Matrix Corp and Burns Research, LLC

October, 2015

Carina continues to strengthen its IP portfolio by adding additional claims to its original WISE™ patent

June, 2015

BTES orders 10,000 CPMDs and 5,000 WISE™ switches

June, 2015

Carina rolls out new Command Center software, Modular CPMD and Modular WISE™

February, 2015

Carina Technology, Inc. relocates to historic Lincoln Mill in Huntsville, AL