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Carina's WISE™ solution provides demand flexibility to generators, distributors, and customers by making water heaters of any size grid-interactive while maintaining zero customer discomfort.

By combining insights gleaned from years of data, real-time control applications, and sophisticated M&V analytics, Carina can streamline grid operations to conserve and manage energy intelligently.

Daily water heater usage

Typical for two working adults

Performance metrics

Two flexible control periods per day

  • 100% shift out of peak hour
  • 92% shift out of TOU (8-10 hours)
  • 2.5 kWh shift in the summer
  • 3.5 kWh shift in the winter
  • Valley fill - 4.5kW, 29-45 minutes

WISE™ benefits

Customer benefits

  • Green and helps meet energy efficiency mandates for generator and distributor
  • Reduces CO2 emissions daily
  • Reduction in energy usage due to elimination of several maintenance events
  • Zero Discomfort – No inconvenience or behavioral changes necessary
  • Automatically shifts water heater energy load outside of TOU – Saves money daily
  • Helps keep rates down for generator and for distributor
  • Available incentives for participating in multiple programs
  • Reductions in replacement water heaters with some free programs
  • Proactive notification of water heater maintenance problems

WISE™ benefits

Distributor benefits

  • Green and helps meet energy efficiency mandates
  • Helps manage monthly demand charge by shifting load out of peak hour (98%)
  • Shifts water heater load outside of time of use (TOU) billing period (94%)
  • Minimal margin loss from energy sales
  • Increases participation and retention rates with “Zero Discomfort” feature
  • Mitigation of artificial rebound through intelligent feathering
  • Can receive incentives from the generator for frequency regulation, store, and valley fill
  • It is a viable carbon reduction strategy and reduces carbon emissions daily
  • Shift twice per day to ensure peak is captured in spring and fall

WISE™ benefits

Generator benefits

  • Power generator: Benefits EE, DR, FR, and generation planning
  • Green and helps meet energy efficiency and carbon reduction mandates
  • Reduces peak demand – flattens daily load shape every day
  • Store ability allows efficient and economic utilization of generation assets – avoids plant turndowns by providing valley fill opportunity
  • Utilizes real time frequency regulation to help manage changes in the grid due to new solar and wind generation
  • Generation avoidance – virtual power plant – meets 10-year capacity planning
  • Avoids artificial rebound with intelligent feathering
  • Defers capital investments in new or expanded generation facilities
  • Large volumes of aggregated WISE™ units can relieve overloaded circuits and reduce line losses