The CarinaPoint Gateway delivers enormous amounts of real-time household data over a fiber network and translates this to the CarinaPoint software platform. The CPG can power the exterior backup battery through the meter at 12 volts DC or 220 volts AC. There are multiple optional communications modules for internal and external communications that can be utilized depending on the ONT selected. This gives the utility a communications gateway through the outside of the house to communicate with multiple internal and external devices, allowing the utility to react instantly to save utilities and customers money and create new revenue streams. The CPG works with nearly all ONT providers and takes only 15 minutes to install.

Carina’s WISE solution provides real-time information to utilities, giving them the capability to view their entire fleet on a household level. Control schedules can be structured to target any range of groups, any time of day. Utilize WISE’s abilities to shift and feather load during peak usage times. This is a second-generation product designed to mount on the water heater or on the wall next to the water heater. Installation normally takes 15-20 minutes, with five additional minutes to install temp sensors on the thermostats of the water heater. The WISE unit does not void any existing warranties and communicates via WiFi, 4G LTE, and HomePlug. The WISE switch was designed to work with the CarinaPoint software platform to allow utilities to control for shift, storage, TOU, valley fill, spinning reserves, and ancillary services. The Carina customer app allows customers to view their usage in real time both in dollars and energy and alerts them of any maintenance issues at the water heater or in the hot water pipes in the house.

Carina has partnered with Vaughn Thermal Corporation to offer the complexity of the CarinaPoint™ software platform within the reliability of a new, grid-enabled Vaughn water heater. The Vaughn Gridstream water heater is a lightweight tank available in multiple sizes to meet customer efficiency requirements that ensures customers always have hot water with Carina’s patented Customer Comfort feature while providing valuable services to the utility to reduce demand. No external switch is required, and the controlling registers are sent to CarinaPoint to manage. Because no temperature sensors are required, the TempWise offers even more granular control. This solution is fully integrated and requires no external switches.