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The Old Model

Historically, utilities have purchased power from a generator and resold it to their customers. With the advent of climate change mandates and the growing demand for real-time information, the old utility model is quickly fading. New communication technologies along with renewables have allowed utilities to seek out new revenue streams to offset the reduction in energy sales.

The Need For Speed

Real-time communications are becoming a necesity - past the point of basic meter reads and limited demand response. AMI using power line carrier, 900 MHz, or cellular is an option for meter reads but is limited in bandwidth and speed, negatively affecting other necessary services needed in the new utility. The federal government has responded to the need for high-speed internet in rural communities with grant money to install fiber to the home.

Future Proof

Co-ops are now presented with the opportunity to move from a slow, outdated AMR or AMI system, bypass the 900 MHz or cellular, and upgrade directly to future-proof fiber. Carina offers its CPG™ (CarinaPoint™ Gateway) to drastically improve the utility's ability to capitalize on fiber. This New Utility represents new savings as well as new revenue streams to strengthen the utility financially and offset the energy losses resulting from renewables.

Optimize Savings & Revenue

Unlike the old utility, co-ops are selling energy back to the grid on a minute-by-minute basis with real-time settlement. The CPG™ can power the ONT battery on the outside of the house and connect the fiber at the meter to provide this real-time gateway conection at the home. CarinaPoint™ software can then take the enormous amount of data obtained from the home and provide detailed analytics to allow these co-ops to optimize savings and create new revenue streams.