Unlock enormous amounts of real-time data through CarinaPoint™ and view in configurable dashboards and reports. Send commands to groups or individual units, view individual unit alarms, set schedules, track installs, evaluate control strategies, and much more. Use the iGIS™ (interactive GIS) module to view your entire system in real time. Integrate CarinaPoint™ into other utility software programs through APIs. Uninterrupted access to Carinapoint™ through Carina's VM instance.

User-Friendly Control

CarinaPoint™ had usability for every utility department in mind when it was designed. Although powerful and flexible, CarinaPoint™ features an easy-to-use, web-based interface that gives a utility administrator the ability to assign different permission levels throughout the organization. Carina can integrate other systems to allow personnel to easily view what they want to see.

Consumer App

Homeowners can now view their water heater from their phone. App users can monitor alarms, put their unit in vacation mode, view usage and cost data, and more. The Carina app is a great marketing tool for all utilities to increase customer participation.