Hubble Telescope picture of the Carina nebula.

Carina Technology, Inc. is a Huntsville-AL based technology company focused on providing Energy Intelligence™ solutions through its patented hardware and software products. Carina solutions empower energy providers of any size with actionable, real-time Energy Intelligence™. Carina currently offers solutions for remote metering, disconnects, prepay, outage management, broadband AMI, and various demand response applications.

Today, Carina Technology differentiates itself by providing its customers with energy management solutions that operate in real time. Demand response capabilities, analytics,monitoring, and measurement and verification services are available on demand to meet utility needs whenever they arise. Carina's modular hardware design allows utilities at all stages of technological development to benefit from rapidly changing communication technologies while staying inherently protected from becoming obsolete or incurring stranded costs. Carina's firmware and software ensure that utilities have real time two-way communication to adjust to changing grid conditions with Carina's professional support team helping at any level needed by the utilities. Carina, with its demand flexibility and CarinaPoint™ control software, can help utilities navigate through the new Future Grid.

Carina is committed to providing unmatched customer support as well as cutting-edge technical solutions. The direct utility experience of our leadership team brings a real-world knowledge of industry needs and a commitment of delivering, not only products, but end-to-end solutions for our customers.

Energy Intelligence™ by Carina

A new, solutions-driven approach to the future grid

After years of experience in developing hardware-based management solutions for the energy industry, Carina took a step back and realized that the true power and value of energy management doesn't lie in the data collector, but in the data itself.

This realization transformed the way Carina approached designing solutions for utilities to gain effective energy management. Energy Intelligence™ helps customers leverage the value of the information they already own in innovative ways that enables streamlining of operations, demand flexibility, centralized control, and customer collaboration to conserve energy intelligently while developing a viable carbon reduction strategy. With Carina's utility expertise and software experience, data can be presented in meaningful formats, with sophisticated analytical economic models for M&V.