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Carina Technology, Inc. is a Huntsville, AL based technology company focused on providing energy solutions through its patented hardware and software products. Carina solutions empower energy providers of any size with actionable, real-time solutions. Carina currently offers solutions for remote metering, disconnects, prepay, outage management, broadband AMI, and various demand response applications.
carinapoint software solutions carinapoint logo Take millions of rows of information and instantly transform them into workable solutions for managing the grid!
cpg logo carinapoint software solutions Move to a future-proof AMI with Carina's CPG™ solution.
carinapoint software solutions carinapoint software solutions
Get demand response capability and energy efficiency savings on a daily basis while seamlessly maintaining hot water!
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Today's technology for tomorrow's utility delivery.
Knowledge Is Power
User instinctive software applications provide real-time information to utilities to monitor and control systems more efficiently!
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